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Puppy Wellness Package

Deluxe Puppy Wellness Package

Welcome to the TLC Animal Hospital family! This package includes everything your puppy needs for its first year of protection against viruses and parasites. 

We make sure your puppy is healthy enough to receive every vaccination. We give you the option to pay off the package in three visits about 2-3 weeks apart. We pride ourselves on developing a long-lasting friendship with you and your growing puppy! 

Puppy visits are welcome without an appointment Monday - Saturday during regular business hours up until an hour before closing. 

Please Note: There is no cure for puppy virus infectious diseases and they may be fatal with & without treatment. In order to protect your puppy as much as possible please do not expose your puppy to any public area until package is done. Your puppy is not fully protected until they complete all vaccintions of the package.  You must seek immediate medical attention if your puppy gets sick anytime prior and during vaccination protocol to rule out any virus infection & to recieve medical treatment accordingly. 

Please call (626) 960-6495 ahead of time for prices and to learn our schedule for the day you wish to come in.

1st Visit: 7-8 weeks old*

  • Complete Physical 
  • 1-DAPPV(5 in 1)
  • 1st deworming
  • 1st tapeworm treatment
  • Fecal test

2nd Visit: 10-12 weeks old

  • 1st health check
  • 1st-DAPPvL2+CV(7 in 1)
  • 2nd deworming
  • 2nd tapeworm treatment

3rd Visit: 12-14 weeks old

  • 2nd Health Check
  • 2nd DAPPvL2+CV(7 in 1)
  • 3rd deworming
  • 1st Bordetella vaccine (Kennel Cough)

4th Visit: 14-16 weeks old

  • 3rd Health Check 
  • Final Parvo V injection
  • 2nd B=Kennel Cough 
  • 1st Rabies 
  • 1-Year Rabies Certificate

Now offering K9 Influenza

*We recommend puppies begin vaccinations by 8 weeks of age for optimal results.

  • Puppies must not have any public exposure until fully vaccinated.
  • Puppies must build immunity over a designated period of 4-5 visits.

We include a fecal test to check for contagious bacteria that must be medically treated. A proper protocol of deworming is necessary to keep you and your pet safe from parasites.

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