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Kitten Wellness Package

Deluxe Kitten Wellness Package

Welcome to the TLC Animal Hospital family! This package includes everything your kitten needs for its first year of protection against viruses and parasites. 

We make sure your kitten is healthy enough to receive every vaccination. We give you the option to pay off the package in three visits and each visit is spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart. We pride ourselves on developing a long-lasting friendship with you and your growing kitten! 

Kitten visits are welcome without an appointment Monday - Saturday during regular business hours up until an hour before closing. 

Please call (626) 960-6495 ahead of time for prices and to learn our schedule for the day you wish to come in.

1st Visit: 8 weeks old

  • Complete Physical 
  • 1st FVRCO vx (3 in 1)
  • 1st deworming
  • 1st tapeworm treatment
  • Viral blood test

2nd Visit: 10 weeks old

  • Complete physical 
  • 1st FVRCP vx (5 in 1)
  • 2nd deworming
  • 2nd tapeworm treatment
  • Fecal test

3rd Visit: 12 weeks old

  • Complete physical
  • 2nd FVRCP vx (5 in 1)
  • 3rd deworming
  • 3rd tapeworm treatment
  • 1 year rabies vx
  • 1 year rabies certificate

The happiness and health of your pet depend on the proper basic care provided to your pet, such as husbandry, diet, cleanliness, flea prevention, vaccinations, dentistry, reproductive control, etc. Regular and consistent care of these basic needs will help improve your relationship and the life of your growing pet as well as help minimize high-cost veterinary visits in the future.

Get on the right track with the best Kitten Package! 

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